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Secret Nod to 'Lady and the Tramp' Movie Found at Disney World Is So Sweet

Disney fanatics who take trips to Disney World often keep their eyes peeled for "hidden Mickeys"- subtle Mickey Mouse-head shapes that have been worked into the designs of the rides, architecture, or other features around the park. While there are many hidden Mickeys that can be found around the park, they're not the only Easter eggs worked into the park's design!

Disney aficionado Danielle Kelly, aka @thedapperdanielle on TikTok, was asked by a young Disney fan with her mother if there were any hidden Mickeys in the part of Magic Kingdom they were in. While Danielle didn't know of any near that spot, she had another Disney World Easter egg to share!

Now that is just delightful. It's a great yet subtle nod to The Lady And The Tramp that helps build the immersion and worldbuilding of the magical park. Plus, it's so romantic and sweet! No wonder the little girl was so charmed by it.

Danielle must have quite the keen eye, because many of her fans, being Disney parkgoers themselves, were stunned by this revelation. "I've been to Disney a million times and never noticed that before 😳 as a passholder, I'm returning asap to see this," exclaimed @mrsdgnr8. "I went to Disney for my honeymoon back in 2019 and ate there, and I so missed that! I'm gonna have to find it and take a picture of it next time I go," said @ladyfidget84.

More important, though, was that Danielle was able to take that surprise moment and turn it into something truly magical for the curious kid. "So sweet of you to add to her magic," remarked @sarahkirkpsych. We couldn't agree more.