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Family Duped by 'Penthouse Suite' at LaQuinta Inn and It's Priceless

This isn't exactly the Four Seasons.

There's definitely something to be said for traveling on a budget, but it can also be fun to go all out and splurge on vacation, and for one family, that meant booking the penthouse suite. But, um, when you book the penthouse suite at the LaQuinta Inn, you should probably manage your expectations. 

And since the Miron family shared their adventure on TikTok, we got to see them head up to the suite they'd reserved, and what happened when the elevator doors opened is pretty priceless. They definitely didn't see this coming! 

Seeing the look of shock cross this dad's face when he's totally confused to see a door blocking him from entering is too perfect (and the laughter in the background only makes the whole thing better). 

Over 1.2 million people have seen the video, and the hundreds of commenters are talking about how they would have handled this situation.

"The way I would panic and think I was in an alternate dimension," one person joked.

Another commented, "I could watch this a million times. Man is so confused he can't figure out what dimension he's in." 

Apparently, the door appears to be a fire safety feature that malfunctioned... and it most definitely didn't lead to a penthouse.

To be totally fair, this is the La Quinta we're talking about, so it's not too surprising if they don't have the same type of luxury that we'd expect from a five star resort — no offense to La Quinta, of course. At least they (and the internet) managed to get a laugh out of it?