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Tour of Preserved Home From 1980s in Canada Ghost Town Is Pretty Incredible

When you hear the phrase "ghost town," chances are your mind flashes back to the American Old West, envisioning dusty one-street towns that haven't seen human life since the turn of the 20th century. Not every ghost town comes from the time of the cowboys, however. Closer to present history, towns have been abandoned due to local disasters (like Centralia, PA, or Pripyat near Chernobyl, Ukraine) or due to the collapse of the local economy.

One such place is Kitsault, a mining town in British Columbia that was established in 1979 but was abandoned in just 1982 after the mine closed. TikTok user @theotherjustinmcelroy- no, not the oldest brother from MBMBaM, literally the "other" Justin McElroy- takes us through a tour of one of Kitsault's ghost homes, abandoned for over 40 years. This house is frozen in time!

This is so surreal. Because it's been well-maintained yet unlived in, the house feels brand new, yet the garish late-70s interior decorative styles age it. Still, the layout is fantastic, and at times you can hear Justin's disappointment that all this good housing has gone to waste! The wallpaper especially is something else- that room with the baby superhero wallpaper would be incredible for any young DC fan!

The look of the home brought back nostalgia for many people. "Haha, seeing that house brought back my childhood so fast. The musky smell, the browns and yellow tones.. my parents' home is nearly identical layout," recalled @laurenholmes89. "Dang. I wish I could go rent one of those and live my mid-century modern dream life 😅," used @_nicole_goforth.

The surprisingly good condition of these homes had us wondering, who is maintaining them? One user, @randomclarinet, explains: "It was a company town, and the only reason it still looks like the day they left is cause some millionaire owns it all and pays to preserve it."

It's a shame that all this perfectly good housing is sitting empty, especially when there are people out there who need it. Hopefully, something can be done to revitalize the community so that these homes can be used once more! And maybe, just maybe, the future residents will be nostalgic enough to preserve all that funky wallpaper!