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Little Girl's Response to Being Hit by Huge Wave at King's Island Is Priceless

Thousands of people every year visit King's Island to catch some thrills on the many wild rides there. However, one girl who recently visited King's Island managed to go on a wild ride without even getting on a roller coaster!

A TikTok posted by user @pixiedust1114 shows her daughter holding onto a fence in front of the splash zone at the King's Island log flume ride, Congo Falls. This girl was gearing up for a big splash, but she wasn't ready for just how big the wave actually was. When the splash hits, the little girl catches some serious air!

OMG! "She flew" reads the only text in the video, and that's no lie! That girl lifted off like a rocket! If you're like us, you're probably worried about if she was ok after that major splashdown, as were people in the comments. The top comment on the video simply asks "Is she ok?", to which the mama and creator of the video responded "Yep, went back for more!" LOL! That little girl is one tough cookie.

Once commenters found out that the little girl was ok and continued having a good time after the huge splash, they felt more comfortable laughing and being silly. "I CANT STOP LAUGHING" said @maddieward07. User @thamuz01 said "She teleported to the back rooms watch out girl 😳" This wild video even triggered some nostalgia in some commenters: "Definitely lots of memories made on that bridge!" reminisced @princess.jubjubs. Sounds like the girl in the video wasn't the first person to be caught off guard by the splashdown at Congo Falls.

At the end of the day, we're just glad that the little girl enjoyed her crazy experience and wasn't hurt! We hope she continues to hold onto that daredevil spirit and enjoy life's many wild rides!

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