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Kimpton Hotels Has 'Secret Password' to Score Unexpected Perks

What a nice treat for the holiday season.

Now that the holiday season is officially among us, a lot of us are starting to finalize our travel plans over the next couple of months. While many of us will be staying with family to celebrate, it's also a time of year where a lot of people end up staying in hotels — not that it's a bad thing! After all, few things are better than a comfy room in a hotel that's been decorated for the season.

And if you're still looking for a place to stay and hoping for some extra holiday cheer,  you might want to consider Kimpton now that we know they're offering something really cool this year. As travel hacking expert @zacharyburrabel shared in a TikTok video, all you have to do to access the hotel chain's hacks is know the secret password.

All you have to do is share the secret password — "The snuggle is real" — when you check in (starting on November 25) to receive your goodies. What goodies are those? This might be something like free parking, a food and beverage credit, a physical keepsake from the hotel, or even a room upgrade, which would be pretty sweet. 

This password thing isn't new; Kimpton has been using a promotion like this for awhile now, though it does change from season to season. And according to those who have tried out this trick before in the comments, it sounds like it really does work! 

"I only know this because of a TikTok you made a while ago about it. I used it at a Kimpton in Barcelona and was upgraded to a better room," one fellow traveler wrote.

Though it might be a little embarrassing to utter the phrase at check in, rest assured that whoever's working the front desk will know what you're talking about — and you never know what kind of surprise you might get!