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Kids' Reactions to Being Surprised With a 'Disneyland' Trip at 5am Are Just Too Cute

This is seriously every kid's dream.

No matter how many videos we watch of kids getting surprised with Disney trips by their parents, they never seem to get old. It's amazing watching them find out that their vacation dreams are coming true — along with knowing how excited Mom and Dad must be to do this for them! 

One family on TikTok (@gallecrew) took to the app to share the Disneyland surprise they were able to pull off for their children, and it's so sweet to watch. They woke everyone up at 5 in the morning, when it was still dark out, and even though the kiddos were so confused at first, they had the best reaction when Dad opened the trunk to reveal their luggage (and Disney plushes) was waiting for them.

Hearing their excited screams is everything — and so is hearing the excitement that was in their dad's voice, too. Disney isn't just for kids, after all. Plus, it makes it even better knowing that, in the comments, Dad revealed that he is really bad at keeping secrets, but he managed to make this one happen to share such a special moment with his kids.

So many people left sweet comments about the surprise on the video, and it seems to have inspired some parents to try to do this themselves.

"This is going to be one of my life long goals when they get older. Imagine how happy and excited they would be," one mom wrote.

Who wouldn't want to shock their kids in the best way like this? They're going to remember this surprise forever! 

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