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Kids' Concerned Reaction Upon Learning 'Who's Flying Their Airplane' Is Too Cute

Leave it to kids to ask all the questions.

For parents, flying with kids is a totally different experience from the way they traveled before. It can be a lot more stressful, yes, but it also means having the opportunity to answer a lot of questions for little first-time flyers who are in amazement over the whole thing... and sometimes, that wonder is mixed with just a little bit of fear.

And as parent @megan.elizabeth.x3 on TikTok revealed, there was a little something that became a bit nerve-wracking for her kids when they went to disembark the plane while on a family vacation. Once you hear their question, it's totally understanding why they were concerned! 

While leaving the airplane, the boys found out that the cockpit was empty because the pilot had already disembarked, and they had just one question for the flight attendants: "Who's flying the airplane?" 

It was then that they learned of the invention of autopilot, and even as adults, we can totally understand why they would be a little worried. Imagine trying to process that kind of information at such a young age! 

This viral video has already garnered well over 3.6 million views, and people just can't get over how well-mannered these little boys are.

"It’s so cute how they always talk to someone and they are always so kind about it," one person wrote. It was really sweet how they took the time to say thank you to the attendants working on the flight.

With kids this young, every trip is a big learning experience. Hopefully, they keep asking questions and learning new things! 

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