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Video of Kids Cleaning Up 'Disney World' Resort After Hurricane Ian Is So Inspiring

These kids took it upon themselves to get to work!

When a hurricane hits, there are worst places to be stranded than Disney World. After all, central Florida is far from the coast, and even though the parks have been shut down on Wednesday and Thursday of this week thanks to Hurricane Ian, it's almost guaranteed that those who are staying at a resort on property will have access to running water, electricity, and food. With the airports and roads closed, it was impossible for a lot of families to make their way home before the bad weather hit.

But even Disney magic doesn't totally protect the parks and resorts from being damaged from the strong winds and rain that the hurricane brought in. And in a heartwarming moment shared on TikTok by @themouseforless, we know that there are kids who wasted no time jumping in on the clean up efforts.

This TikTok account shared a video submitted by a family who was staying at Disney's Boardwalk Inn resort. Many of the kids staying there headed outside to start cleaning up branches that had been ripped off of nearby trees, along with trash and other debris. 

Not only were these kids willing to spend part of their vacation helping, but they looked so happy to do so — they were actually having fun! 

"I guarantee that there is one parent thinking, 'You'll clean up Disney, but not your room? Okay,'" one person joked in the comments. 

There's no doubt what these kids did helped make the cleaning crew's job easier during what must really be a stressful time. Way to go!