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Video Of Woman's Trip To Kenya Is Full of Natural Beauty

The East African country of Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. It's home to vast savannahs, bright beaches, and the second highest mountain in Africa (Mt. Kenya, just behind Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania). With its diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and cultures, Kenya is truly an exceptionally stunning place. 

Avid world traveler @hungryclouds_ documented her trip to Kenya in this awe-inspiring video. The natural beauty portrayed here has us just about ready to pack our bags!

No seriously- we might be looking up flight tickets to Nairobi right now on the down low. The African savannah is famed for its wildlife, but there's nothing like seeing it up close. The Kenyan savannah in particular is truly inspirational- in fact, many of the locations in The Lion King were based on Kenya's Hell's Gate National Park (it's much nicer than the name makes it sound). Seeing the amazing wildlife and the beautiful savannah in the sunset awoke some serious wanderlust in us.

One thing we didn't realize before we saw this video, though, was just how stunning Kenya's beaches are, too! Kenya's coastline sits on the beautiful Indian Ocean, which is also home to the popular island getaways of Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius, so it makes sense that the beaches in Kenya would be just as beautiful. 

"East Africa is beautiful, isn’t it?" chimed in @jahmalandcairo. "Literally my dream vacation," @chelsearamirez_ wistfully admired. "Wow my ideal of perfect vacation!! Can I ask where you stayed?" wondered @meganfields8. The video's creator was happy to share the info: "I have a video on my instagram for the hotel, it’s Salt Lick and Taita Hills." 

Kenya has definitely made its way onto our travel bucket lists. Its natural beauty makes it a gem unlike any other. Is Kenya a dream destination of yours? 

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