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'Bachelor' Star's Recent Video From Her Trip to Scotland Has People Talking

Everyone is glad to see Kendall so happy.

As Bachelor fans, it was brutal to see things end between Kendall Long and 'Grocery Store' Joe Amabile. After meeting on Bachelor in Paradise, they seemed to be meant for each other, but then it all came crashing down in January 2020. Yes, it's been more than two years. No, we're still not over it! 

But even though we're still coping with the breakup, Kendall herself sure isn't. And now, one of her recent travel videos, found @itskendalllong, is going viral on TikTok — watch to see her in Scotland with her new man! 

Kendall shared how she "got a wish granted by a Scottish fairy" when she visited the Fairy Pools with her new boo. Apparently, all you have to do is jump in and swim under the bridge while making a wish, and legend says it will come true. 

Whether or not you believe in the lore, it's hard to argue that the Fairy Pools are gorgeous — and it's great to see Kendall so happy again, and the commenters seemed to agree. 

"We need more Kendall and boi content. Seeing you happy is happiness!" one fan wrote. 

"Fairies live in the in-between places. I stay far away from those places. But it’s beautiful!" another viewer wrote.

We're adding this to our future Scottish bucket list. In the meantime, we need more videos from Kendall!