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Man's Hilarious Trick for Keeping Seats Open on Flights Makes Us LOL

Having an empty seat next to you on a flight is like winning the lottery. We have seen a number of videos that have expressed the sheer gratitude of getting just a little extra room on a plane. And if you want to guarantee or at least lesson the chances sitting next to you, apparently, there are certain tricks you can try.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @mikewdavis, this guy shows his "foolproof plan" for how to keep seats open next to him on flights. Disclaimer, this idea will encourage you to be slightly creepy and odd, and you might get a few stares. Check it out and see if you're brave enough to try it. 

LOL, well, that's one way to do it! Come on, if you walked past the row and saw some dude patting the seat, would you want to sit there? Probably not! If your flight's seats aren't predetermined, like on Southwest Airlines, this plan seems pretty well thought out and executed. But this video has people in the comments laughing right along with us. TikTok user @wakethesnake said, "I’m freaking dying 😂. I fly Southwest all the time, I’m gonna have to try it lol." Wow, this plan really seems to have inspired people!

Some of the commenters are even chiming in on their go-to routine for securing empty seats. Like user @iyellfore, who said, "Another good trick I like to do is have the provided barf bag open and ready like I’m about to use it. Easy way to save seats if you need to." Um, yeah. We're pretty sure that trick would dissuade even the bravest passenger from choosing that seat. 

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