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Woman's Kayaking Trip in Canada Comes With a Highly Unexpected Surprise

Across Canada's vast lands, you can find many lakes, rivers, bays, and ocean beaches. Various water sports and excursions like kayaking, paddle boarding, and whale watching are very popular in these areas, which are often rich with local wildlife as well.

TikTok user @mftaytay got quite the surprise while on a kayaking trip in Quebec. She went kayaking specifically so she and her friends could view the seals that live in the area. What she didn't expect was that the seals would be just as interested in her!

What a wild surprise! That seal has no fear, and certainly doesn't seem to mind getting up close and personal with its human guests. Heck, maybe it just got tired of swimming and wanted to hitch a ride with the kayakers instead, LOL!

The video's viewers were also amazed by the seal's bold friendliness. "Even the seals are friendly in Canada 🇨🇦," joked @andromedaaaa___. "You wanted to see some seals, here I am!!!!! 😂," quipped @unmatchedandloved. Yes, @mftaytay certainly got what she came for- and then some!

"Maybe the seal was like “I’m gonna go for a swim and see some humans” observed one user. "I feel like you became his tourist attraction," said @cyntiag95, to which @mftaytay replied, "HE LOVED US HE CAME BACK 2-3 TIMES😍." OK, now cut it out, we're just getting jealous!

"Finally, his UBER is here," remarked @electrick.marionnett. Again, we got the feeling that this seal wanted to take advantage of a free ride!

Want to kayak with the seals in Quebec yourself? When asked "Oh my gooood, water doggies!! Where in Quebec?!" by user @julya_nika, @mftaytay responded, "Yessss water doggies 😍 gaspesie, cap-aux-os." Gaspesie, Cap-Aux-os, Quebec... got it. Brb, looking up kayak rentals now!!!