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Video of Kayaker Being Rescued at Sea After Being Stranded for Hours Is Pretty Incredible

Being lost in the middle of the ocean has got to be one of the worst things imaginable. Just trying to stay afloat for hours until a ship passes by is a fate you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. Luckily, one kayaker who recently found himself in this predicament just so happened to be in the right "place" at the right time.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @trawlertom1, the captain of a boat shows the moment he actually found this poor dude crying out for help. We've heard about stories like this before, but it's so rare for the whole thing to actually be captured on video. Just wait until you hear this guy's crazy story! 

WHOA, this dude got SO lucky! He was in his kayak and it overturned, and he was screaming at boats for hours before this one guy heard him and stopped to rescue him. People are so grateful to this boat captain for stopping to pick him up. TikTok user @matt29412 said, "Great job, Tom! Had you not stopped, he may have drowned! HAND SALUTE! You are a hero!" Wow! 

The creator then posted an update to this rescue story with all details of what he heard from the kayaker and how he went about rescuing him. You'll want to hear how it all unfolded.

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The story just gets even wilder! Clearly, people are concerned about why he was initially keeping his distance from the man in the water. Commenters all agree that the captain followed proper training, like user @joey_shmoe77, who said, "Great job, and I agree with figuring out if he was a threat first. He could have been running from the police and jumped in the water, who knows?" We didn't even think about this being anything other than a person in need, but you never know! We're so happy the boat came along before it was too late and that this guy is safe and sound on dry land! 

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