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New Viral Video of Typical 'Karen' Being Kicked Off a Flight Is a 'Show for Everyone'

OMG. No matter how many times someone gets kicked off an airplane these days for refusing to follow the rules, it still keeps happening. Let's face it, there are "Karens" pretty much everywhere, and for whatever reason, they just haven't learned to keep their thoughts to themselves. This is especially the case on airplanes.

A new TikTok video shared by @charlottedalessio is going viral with over 6 million views, all thanks to what might be one of the best airplane Karen performances yet. Captioned with, "Couple yelling racist & homophobic slurs wouldn’t de-board plane today leaving West Palm Beach. A free show to all on board," people are having a field day after viewing this clip. You guys? It's a doozie.

Good grief! This lady was just not about to back down. Can you believe she even tried to buckle her husband back into his seat? She certainly wasn't about to go down without a fight, that's for sure. People who watched the video are entertained for several different reasons. But a lot of them are cracking up over the dude sitting in the window seat who's trying to stay out of it. @Anastasia Rossi said, "THE MAN IN THE WINDOW SEAT NEXT TO HER. Someone send that man on a luxury vacation." HA! For reals. Another commenter, @jess added, "The guy beside her absolutely losing it has me rolling."

Others were focused on the couple not realizing that their persistence wasn't going to pay off. @Smo noted, "No more masks and they still find a way to get kicked off lmao." TikTok user @antonia made a good point, asking, "Are people not embarrassed, like how are they not embarrassed?" And @bidetshower wins the comment of the day with, "They really do have just the one template for a Karen." It's so true.

It really stinks that it sounds like everyone on board was forced to deplane so they could get these two off the aircraft. But if nothing else, it makes for a great story, and clearly, it's already gaining quite a bit of attention! 

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