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'Jurassic World' Experience in East London Is Like Walking Right Into the Movie

Do you remember during your childhood playing make believe with toy dinosaur figurines in the forest? Well, now you can be up close and personal and truly immerse yourself in a 99.99% 'real' dinosaur experience. This is seriously like walking onto a movie set! From the incredible robotics and animation to the uber cool light shows and sounds, we're so here for this.

'Cudos' to TikTok creator @timeoutlondon for sharing this video with all of us of the new Jurassic World Exhibition experience in London. Check out how 'lifelike' this exhibit is. You will certainly feel transported to Isla Nubar.

The exhibit creators have gone to great lengths to ground you in the world of Isla Nubar at this new Jurassic World attraction. Employees are all dressed in costume and play their roles perfectly! "We went today and it was AMAZING!," says TikTok reviewer @rachaelpayne_88. The comments are unanimously favored toward everyone wanting to visit. What a fun experience this would be, especially for die-hard Jurassic Park movie fans! TikTok user @emsavpu says, "This was an awesome experience. I took my kids last year. They had the best time." We'll bet they did! Did they eat the dinosaur shaped cookies and pancakes?! What fun!

We highly recommend adding this stop on your next trip to London. Get transported to another century and re-live childhood at this fantastic, out-of-this-world experience. Another reason we love Europe so much! 

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