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'Jurassic Park'-Themed ATV Tour in Hawaii Is Way Too Cool

This would be so much fun!

There are a lot of reasons to visit Hawaii: The beautiful beaches, the food, the culture. But it's also a particularly fun place for fans of Jurassic Park to visit, since the Kualoa Ranch in Oahu is where the famous movie franchise was filmed. It's as close to visiting the real Jurassic Park as most of us are ever going to get, after all. 

And if you're a big fan of the dinosaur movie and are planning your pilgrimage to Hawaii anytime soon, you're definitely going to want to check out this TikTok video from @officiallyval. She went on a Jurassic Park-themed ATV tour, and we can totally see why she called it a "10/10 experience." 

Those who are taking the tour at Kualoa Ranch start the experience by boarding ATVs, which take you around the property and show you where scenes from the movie were filmed — along with the scenes of the other hundreds of movies and TV shows that have made use of this space. Those views are incredible! 

The tour takes about two hours to complete, and even involves a few dinosaur sightings, making this an absolute must do for any Jurassic Park fans who happen to be in the area.

According to Kualoa Ranch's website, tickets for the tour will run you $144.95 per adult, and they offer other activities on site as well, including zip lining and even catamaran tours. If you're planning to visit, you will want to book those tours ahead of time so you can make sure you'll be admitted when you want to visit.

"Kualoa Ranch is an absolute dream! And omg we were SO dirty," the OP wrote in a comment. "The clean up was not fun but worth it!" 

With that kind of ATV adventure, you're bound to get dusty... but what's a little dust and dirt compared to those views?