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Video of Johnny Depp's Abandoned Mansion in the U.K. Is Creepy at Best

In case you've been stuck under a rock for at least the last few months, Johnny Depp has been in the news quite a lot lately. However, we're not here to relitigate the details of his latest controversial trials. Instead, we're taking a look at something else entirely- an inside look at an abandoned mansion in the United Kingdom, which many claimed was originally built for Depp himself.

TikTok user @thebeardedexplorer_ is an urban explorer who uploads videos of his excursions onto TikTok and Youtube. In his most recent video, he teases his trip through Johnny Depp's purported unfinished UK mansion, left desolate since 2004. The footage is unnerving, to say the least:

There's always an eerie sadness to abandoned properties, but this one is especially creepy. Then you get to the underground escape tunnels and nuclear bunker, and the video just reaches a whole other level of eerieness.

However, there was a little bit of controversy: many in the comments claimed that this was not actually Depp's property! One user, @wolly665, explained: "Worked in that house in Romsey. It was never Depps house. John Terry viewed it as well. They could never sell it as they were asking 12 million for it." Many others from the area confirmed that the Depp story was just a rumor- Depp viewed the property, but never actually bought it.

This just raises more questions, though- who was responsible for building this property? Why did they make it so extravagant without a set buyer? And what were they so worried about that they added escape tunnels and a nuclear bunker in 2004? Some of these questions are now even more eerie knowing that the eccentric Depp was not responsible for these design decisions.

At any rate, this property still sits abandoned, which is a sad waste. Some commenters had some great ideas about what to do with it, though. "Why not finish it and turn it into something to help people like a rehab or homeless help, something," suggested user @eamon1234567. We think that's a wonderful idea, and we do hope that something like that is done with this beautiful mansion. And even if the mansion was never actually Johnny Depp's, @thebeardedexplorer_'s video is still very cool... though very creepy!