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Post-Holiday Travel Lines at JFK Airport Are Enough to Make Anyone Cringe

Everybody knows how crowded, hectic, and miserable flying during the holidays is. Everyone is in a mad dash to make their flights in time to get home for the holidays, and airports transform into nightmare zones during the rush. However, many people forget that the holiday return trip is often just as bad as the outbound trip. 

TikTok vlogger @morethanfashion waited until after New Year's to fly home this holiday season. Even so, the lines at JFK International Airport were still outrageously packed! 

Yikes! And as she warns in the description, this is just to get through TSA- if you had bags to check, you were in for even more lines. This is why you need to be super strategic about flying home after the holidays- unless you plan on getting to the airport extra, extra early! All the people that rushed to fly out over the holidays are now all rushing to get back!

Between the first few days after Christmas and New Year's Eve, there's usually a slight dip in travel where the airports aren't quite as overwhelmed. However, after New Year's, travel tends to pick up again for a few days. Judging by when she posted this video, it seems like OP got caught in the post-New Year's rush!

 If you have a rigid deadline due to work or other obligations, you may not be able to strategically wait out the travel rush. However, if you have the option, we generally suggest waiting a couple of days after a major holiday for travel to die down, so you can avoid situations like this one!

"We fly JFK all the time. Although the lines have been long sometimes, I have never seen them that long. Wow," @tcabrera33 was shocked. However, some blame the terminal she was at. "Of're at T4. Everyone knows T4 or T5...u better be there early," @tracyelliott30 advised. And as always, when confronted with massive holidays lines, viewers like @adribt80 chimed in with a popular airport hack: "TSA-pre check!" Hey, the price is definitely worth it to skip lines like these!

Thankfully, holiday travel is finally dying down for another year, but before you know it, it'll be around once again. Be prepared for it next time: book flights well in advance, and check travel trends to select the best dates not only to fly out, but to return home as well!

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