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Cheap 'JFK Airport' Hack to Get to Midtown Manhattan Is a Game-Changer

Most people aren't aware of this!

For so many reasons, traveling into and out of New York is often a pretty expensive ordeal, even for those who live there. Unless someone's coming to pick you up from the airport, getting from JFK Airport to your destination is usually extremely pricy if cabs are involved. And even if you decide to take the subway, there's a huge time cost involved there, too.

But there's actually another option if you need to get from the airport to midtown Manhattan — and not only is it inexpensive, but it's going to save you some time, too. And thanks to @herebebarr, we now have all the details.

Instead of taking the air train to the subway at Jamaica Center, this man is advising you do things a little differently. According to him, it's much faster to take the two minute walk from the air train to the Long Island Railroad instead, where, for just under $8, you can hop on board and end up in midtown in just 20 minutes, cutting your travel time in half, which can mean everything when you're anxious to get home or to start your vacation. Whoa!

And as he pointed out in the video, you can also buy your ticket to the LIRR on the MTA app, saving you even more time in the process. 

Though the comments were mixed between people who thought this hack might be too confusing and those who were actually really glad to have this info on hand, the jokes about how bad the transportation situation at the airport is were plentiful as well.

"I found that it's easier to open the emergency door and jump as a plane passes over times square," one person joked.

Hey, he might be onto something there...