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Singer Jewel's Love Letter to San Diego Is Touching People's Hearts

Singer-songwriter Jewel has captivated the world with her music, and she's also made a presence for herself on TikTok. Plenty of celebrities are hopping on the trend, and it's giving us a sneak peek into their lives just a little bit more.

And in a new video shared on her account, @jewel, the star shares her story of how she moved to San Diego and got her start in the music industry. If you're a fan of hers, you might have known that she had a very rough start to her career. She details her trials and tribulations in this 3-minute TikTok called "Love Letter to San Diego," it's equally as inspiring as it is eye-opening. You'll have an even bigger appreciation for her after seeing this.

People are moved by this story, and who wouldn't be? One TikTok user, @catcaravan felt personally inspired by her story, saying, "Me and my daughter are homeless in SD right now sleeping in our van with 3 cats. I needed this, gives me hope 🥰 🙏". Her story is so captivating and super relatable to struggling artists around the world. More of the commenters are relating to how she describes San Diego as both good and bad. One viewer, @dsalnorcal harped on this fact by saying, "San Diego is awesome. But you made yourself."

We'd love for Jewel to narrate more stories from her life, as she's seen so many different sides of showbiz. People agree that they need to hear more of her stories. Commenter @truerumor25 even asked, "So now tell us what happens in Hollywood 😬," to which she responded "Oooof … that’s when it got scary lol." Okay, now we need a Hollywood follow-up asap. We'll be keeping an eye on her account for sure!