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Singer 'Jewel' Shows Off Incredible Alaska Sunset That Puts Other States to Shame

For all the natural beauty that there is in this word, there's little so simply beautiful as a sunset. It happens at the end of every single day, and yet its beauty is stilll enough to have enthralled humans and inspired art for as long as we've been around. Who better to appreciate one, then, but an artist!

90's songstress Jewel knows how to appreciate a beautiful sunset. Growing up in Alaska, she saw many a gorgeous Alaskan sunset. No matter how many times she's seen one, though, the sight still continues to entrance her, and she recently shared one that she viewed on her official @jewel TikTok account. 

It makes sense that a woman who's written so much beautiful music in her life would know how to appreciate beauty in all its forms! Sometimes it's nice just to be reminded how much everyday magic there is in our world. The rugged, open beauty of Alaska adds an extra air of majesty as well, though... there really is something so wild and wonderful about The Land of the Midnight Sun. 

"Alaska sunsets are the best," agreed "Mother Nature sitting there like “you better right a song about me Lady” 🥰🥰🥰," said @thyladychristina. Ok, but for real, can that actually happen? We'll be waiting for the drop!

Jewel's simple yet sublime sunset scene caught the attention of at least one other native of the North. "Beautiful 💚♥️🎅🏻," responded... Santa Claus? Yep, Santa himself dropped in for a shoutout. Is it just us, or has he been all over TikTok lately? Poor guy must be stir crazy waiting for Christmas!

In all seriousness though, videos like this are so nice- not just because they remind us to appreciate the world's natural beauty, but also because they break through the facade of celebrity to remind us that stars are just normal people too. As @enigmatyc aptly put it, "I just LOVE that your fame is completely overshadowed by the human that you are. So glad you are here! 🥰." We're glad too.