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Couple's Funny Video About the Reality of Jet Lag Totally Hits Home

One major rookie mistake many people make when traveling abroad is forgetting to factor in jet lag recovery time. Even if you take steps to combat jet lag, it's more than likely going to wipe you out- especially if you're traveling eastward. You should try to give yourself at least a day of recovery after each international flight- and certainly not try to schedule anything major on that day!

Larissa (@chezlars on TikTok) and her husband made this exact mistake. They booked a fancy dinner- but forgot about jet lag!

Oh, that is rough. This scenario is exactly why you give yourself a do-nothing recovery day after an international flight. Those are dead-tired eyes- you can tell it'd almost be worth it to pay the $200 to cancel. Almost.

"The person that booked that experience is not the same person you were the day of," remarked @hi_im_the_problem_its_me. Seriously, if you've never experienced jet lag before, you wouldn't believe how hard it hits. "I never book anything for the first day of potential jet lag. I am evil the first 24 hours. Like, end up in a foreign prison mean," agreed At least this is a learning experience for the worn-out couple. "Once you make this mistake you never will do that again," reflected @misterpuffin.

"I did that once, hadn’t slept in over 48 hours, sitting at the table with my eyes hanging out of my head. The waitress asked me if I was okay," @glenora1896 recalled. "Bahaha I did the same to myself in Peru. So altitude sick and 12 course tasting menu," said @simonedavis05. Oh, no no no- if we had altitude sickness on top of jet lag, we'd pay whatever exorbitant cancellation fee we needed to get out of it!

Is there any way to minimize the effects of jet lag? Yes- try to adjust your schedule to  your end destination's early. "Avoid jet lag. Sleep on the plane when it’s night time at your destination. Be well rested before your trip," advised @travellight11. "It's literally the only way to cure jet lag, eat when they eat, sleep when they sleep," shared @comfortablymental. This couple staying on schedule could actually help them kick jet lag faster- they should have just done it with a less fancy restaurant!

The next time your fly overseas, save the fancy reservations for at least Day 2- you'll thank us later!

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