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'JetBlue' Staff's Reactions to 8-Week-Old Puppy Couldn't Be Sweeter

Between freak weather occurrences and multiple massive system failures, airline passengers and staff alike are at their limit right now. After a brutal month for air travel, everyone can use all the comfort they can get. When you're having a rotten day at work, what resets serotonin levels faster than a cuddly puppy? 

TikTok user @amandamaryh is the proud parent of an adorable 8-week old puppy. The puppy flew home with her on a recent JetBlue flight- and the staff were clearly very happy to meet her! 

OMG. Even simply watching this lady pet the puppy is a total mental reset. Look at all the workers gazing longingly over at them- you can tell they're all waiting for their turn! If only every passenger brought this much cuteness along with them,  being a flight attendant would instantly be a contender for world's best job! We're sure the puppy is happy to get plenty of snuggles in as well, and after all, what could be better than warm puppy snuggles?

To make things even better, the JetBlue worker depicted in this video came to the comments! "This made my whole day at work, thank you for letting me hold her," thanked @xo_coby. It's awesome that this video made it all the way back to her, and it's even better to hear how happy their chance meeting made her. It just goes to show that you never know what kind of an impact you might make on a person's day!

"You not only made her day, you made her whole month. She will definitely remember those puppy cuddles," added @walkalongmypath. "Puppy cuddles cure a depressive state. And that is facts!" @j.pr84 declared.

 "Honestly, whoever works at the airport DESERVES puppy cuddles cause they deal with NASTY/MEAN people, and they are just doing their job," exclaimed @monstaa10. "You gave those airline employees a moment of peace and pause. Thank you for that," @sweetiv13 affirmed. 

Airline workers are dealing with a lot right now, and puppy cuddles alone unfortunately cannot fix all the issues they face. In a time of great strife and chaos, however, it's wonderful to see a few of these hard workers enjoy a much-needed moment of comfort and calm. We know Amanda's puppy warmed up quite a few hearts on their flight that day! 

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