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Woman Shares 3 Valuable Tips She Wishes She'd Known on Her Trip to Italy

Pay attention to these if you're headed to Italy any time soon.

Traveling to Europe can be intimidating for people who have never been before — it's a big (and often expensive) trip that many of us spend years planning! But fortunately, there are plenty of people who have been there before and are letting us learn from their experiences so we can make sure we don't make the same mistakes they did.

One of those travelers is @thelittlebasketco on TikTok, and she's ready to share what she learned from her recent trip to Italy with the internet. In her video, she gave her three best tips for anyone who might be headed across the pond this year, and they're actually very practical. 

We wouldn't have thought to plan for some of these things on our own! 

All of the tips have to do with traveling within the country once you've arrived. From advising us to buy train tickets in advance to guarantee a seat to sharing which apps to use instead of Google Maps in order to get around Italy, she covered a lot. Even if you bought your train ticket online, you still have to scan it at the station to validate it. Who knew? 

Other experienced travelers chimed in in the comments to share what they've learned, too.

"Lots of places there is surge pricing for train tickets. Get them in advance, but of course, make sure they are refundable," one person wrote.

Another added, "Do not travel in August — Europe summer vacation." 

Good to know! Hopefully, these tips will reach whoever needs to hear them before their trip.