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Woman Shares 5 Things She'd Never Do While Traveling in Italy

International travel can be overwhelming, especially for people who are doing it for the fiirst time! Each country has its own distinct culture and way of doing things, and know what or what not to do ahead of time can help reduce culture shock and make your trip much easier.

When it comes to traveling in Italy, though, we have someone offering a bit of great advice. TikTok user @kacierose4 is an American living abroad in Florence, so obviously she's had quite a fair bit of experience traveling around Italy! In this video, she hops on the trend of travel advice TikToks by sharing the five things she'd NEVER do while traveling in Italy.

We love this advice. It's so straightforward and sensible! And while she's specifically referring to her own experiences in Italy, this is mostly just good travel advice in general, too- don't leave transporation plans to the last minute, don't blow through your money only eating at sit-down restaurants, stilletos are terrible walking shoes, etc. These are some savvy tips!

We love videos like this because they often prompt other travelers to keep things going by sharing their own tips, which some did here! "#6 Build in naptime to your daily schedule. 10/10 recommend when you’re walking 20k+ steps a day," suggested @mgordon44. Ooh, good one. "We decided to drive between cities when we went and had yummy snacks at gas stations. Yes, the gas stations have better food than US restaurants," recounted @unsilent01. 

Even native Italians chimed in with their own advice. "And if you are struggling with something, just ask, we are happy to share info about our places with you 🥰," offered @maa.zia quite kindly! How lovely!

We hope that helpful advice like this empowers international travelers to prep wisely, stay loose, and have a great time on their journeys!