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New Travel Requirement for Italy Is Coming in May 2023

You'll want to be aware of this change!

We know that 2022 isn't over yet, but who isn't already dreaming of where they'd like to travel over the next year? Now is the time that many of us start to make plans for our summer travel, especially if it involves leaving the United States. But if you're planning to head to Italy soon, there's been an update that you might not be aware of. 

As travel experts @fusetravels pointed out in a TikTok video, if you're traveling to Italy anytime in May 2023 or after, a change is coming. If you happen to be visiting from anywhere outside of Europe (this includes those of us who will be hopping across the pond from the US), you will need more than just your passport to get in.

According to the video, you will also be required to supply a biometric digital fingerprint in order to enter the country when you show your passport, and the OP also predicted that they may ask you more questions about your travels, like where you're staying, than they once did when you're going through customs at the airport after arriving. 

Though exactly how this will work has yet to be announced, several travel blogs out there are reporting the news, claiming that it's part of the European Union's process of introducing their new Entry-Exit System. It won't just be Italy, either; it's likely that all countries in the EU will institute similar changes for those traveling in from a foreign country as the new system gets rolled out 

Travelers will likely have to give a digital fingerprint and be photographed as they enter the country, but this should be one time thing — most likely, you won't have to stop for this process during future travels. Ultimately, this process aims to streamline travel, though at first, we imagine it might make things take a bit longer as everyone adjusts to the new system — travelers and airport employees alike.

This is important to keep in mind as you plan your summer travel, and it might not hurt to prepare yourself for a longer line than usual when you arrive in Europe. Bring snacks!