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Luxury Hotel in Italy With Incredible View of the Dolomites Looks Like a Fantasy

We'd give anything to stay here.

Ready to add another amazing location to your bucket list? If you're planning to visit Italy and have a little room in the budget to splurge a bit, boy, have we found the hotel for you. 

Thanks to @mierschon on TikTok, we have been introduced to a dreamy luxury hotel in Italy with a gorgeous view of the Dolomites right outside a giant window that leads to a balcony we'd love to sit and have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee on and watch the sun set. Seriously, words cannot do this view justice — you need to see it for yourself, even if that just means witnessing it via video for now! 

The entire hotel room itself is spacious and open, leaving plenty of room for us to stretch out (and store our luggage), but obviously, the best feature is the mountains right outside the window. If you're into rooms with a view, this is the perfect one for you. 

We will warn that the hotel, called Forestis, comes with a pretty hefty price tag; rates for rooms there can start as high as $900 per night, and the room featured in the video seems to be one of the tower suites, which would come at an even higher price. For views like that, though, it might be worth it! 

After staying somewhere like that, though, we imagine it'd be hard to downgrade to another hotel — how do you top that view? 

Until we can visit, we'll be living vicariously through this person's posts. So gorgeous! 

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