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Woman Shares the Best Souvenirs From Italian Supermarkets and People Are Obsessed

Anytime you travel abroad, chances are your friends and family back home clamor for you to bring back souvenirs. When you don't see anything appealing among the overpriced gift shop trinkets along the way, what else would serve as a great souvenir? Why not bring back some authentic examples of the local cuisine?

Elizabeth Minchilli spends most of her time in Italy, traveling around the countryside and eating delicious food which she uploads videos of to her TikTok, @elizabeth_minchilli. In this video, she shows us how she selects amazing and delicious souvenirs for her friends and family back home with a simple trip to an Italian supermarket!

This video is awesome. We loved the selections she chose- they're all affordable yet authentic, and they travel well on an airplane and should have no trouble making it through customs. What a great way to bring a taste of Italy back home to the States!

"You should sell Italian grocery boxes! I want all those things! ✨," suggested @_itsmelinds_. Honestly, if she ever did, we'd be among her first customers. "This is a wonderful idea & I would be thrilled to get any of it! I love the packaging/look/everything!" praised @clawdeeah1.

Others chimed in with their own suggestions. "I bought the Nutella cookies, coffee and peperoncini," said @preshpetals. Ooh, real Italian coffee straight from Italy sounds lovely. "I love bringing home those tomato paste tubes and kilograms of parmigiano, sometimes they even have the ceramic grated cheese container," added @noddybebetrain1. "I always bring crema di pistacchio, chocolates and torrone (Xmas season) and jams! Coop organic ones are a big hit with my family back in Brazil," shared @danielamroc. Oh my goodness, those all sound delicious.

This idea could work for pretty much any country you visit- just go to any supermarket or food store and pick up some delicious and authentic items you can't commonly find back home! Just make sure that whatever you get keeps well, and check to make sure that it can go through customs when you get back.