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Airbnb in Italy That Comes With a Resident Dog Is Literally the Stuff of Dreams

Although we all love a good resort, it seems like the new travel trend has been to stay at vacation home rentals and Airbnbs. Besides being much more spacious and having the comforts of home, Airbnbs are also a lot less expensive than most hotels. In addition, some of them come with extra perks that you simply just can't get at your standard chain resort.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @amyseder, she shows an amazing Airbnb in Italy that comes equipped with a gorgeous pool and even a furry friend. Can you even imagine checking into your pad only to have it include a dog to play with? 

How fun is this?! Being in Italy is amazing enough on its own, but getting to chill by the pool with a pup during your stay? We'd book this place in a heartbeat. It's so funny how fast the video creator's husband bonded with the dog, too. It's almost as if them booking this pad was meant to be. People are oozing with jealousy over this video, like one TikTok user who said, "Your husband will want his own Shepherd soon now 😂 they’re irresistible!" Another commenter, @Kimberly Chang added, "I hope they added their dog as a luxury amenity on their listing 😂." And @mothergoose059 added, "I would pay extra to have a dog at my Airbnb." Wouldn't we all?

But since many commenters were confused about whether or not the couple had to take care of the dog during their stay, the creator included a follow-up video. It shares a little more context as to what staying with the dog entailed.

Aww! They might not have had the pup all to themselves, but hey, when it comes to dogs, we'll take whatever we can get!