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Irish Man's Reaction to Seeing Sun After Getting Off the Plane Is Priceless

This is all too real.

The winter months can be long, and it can mean that we go a long time without seeing the sun or feeling warm, which can take a huge toll on our moods until spring finally arrives. But depending on where in the world you live, this might be reality for you all year round. Some countries, like Ireland, don't get much sun at all, even during the summer, and the sky is usually pretty cloudy.

So it goes without saying that when someone from one of those areas gets the chance to see the sun, they have a pretty strong reaction. Example: The Irish man in this TikTok video from @isabellenihan.

Don't get us wrong — Ireland is a beautiful country, but it's not known for being sunny. So in this video that an air hostess shared of passengers getting off a plane with the sun shining brightly, we weren't surprised at all to hear this man — who seems to be her dad — say, "It's fierce hot here, isn't it?" 

Not only is that such an Irish thing to say, but it's also such a "dad" thing to say... and commenters who saw the video certainly seemed to agree.

"Oh Jesus, did ya feel the hot breeze?" one commenter with an Irish dad of her own wrote, adding, "my dad always says it. 'ya wouldn’t get this at home'." 

It's true, though — they probably wouldn't get this at home! 

It's good to see that this man is enjoying the sunshine. After all, isn't that one of the best parts of traveling?