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Simple iPhone Travel Hack Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight All Along

How did we ever live without smartphones? They just make life so much more convenient, especially when you're traveling. And believe it or not, there's actually a pretty cool iPhone travel hack that will take some of the stress out of flying, at least in terms of keeping people updated along your journey.

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @ecommjess, the creator shows off a simple way to share your flight information with loved ones so that they can easily stay updated about your flight. Check this out!

Okay wow, so we've never seen seen this before. So apparently, you just send a text with the flight confirmation to one of your friends and then click it, and then you (or they) can track your flight. Some of the commenters are just as thankful as we are for this hack. TikTok user @sirtilc42 said, "You’re helpful AND very pretty." We're sure she appreciated the compliment.

However, this only works with certain phones, as the creator pointed out, saying, "It does! iPhone to iPhone 📱". However, at least one viewer believes that this hack can work with any phone. Commenter @diabeticrosie0 said, "I’m pretty sure it does this with any phone. I’ve sent my mom my flight number and it was underlined also, but she doesn’t have an iPhone." You're going to have to try that out for yourself!