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Woman's How-To For Surviving International Economy Flights Is a Lifesaver

For those that want to travel the world- but do so on a small budget- sometimes economy is the only option they can afford. As long as it gets you to your destination, any section of the plane will do- but there's no denying that flying coach is a rough ride compared to business or first-class. Is there a way to fly economy on an international flight without being miserable?

Believe it or not, there is. TikTok influencer @sabrynasalmon demonstrates how she stays comfortable on international economy flights.

This is the guide all of us international travelers could use. While it's demonstrating how to stay comfortable in economy, these tips can also help with stuff we all deal with while flying internationally, such as counteracting jet lag and combating that awful dried-out feeling you get from flying for long periods. We're also advocates of people bringing their own comfy sleeping masks for long flights, so we thought it was cool that she shouted them out. Those compression socks were a revelation, though- we're so trying those next time we fly. 

We weren't the only ones who thought they were cool, either. "Yessss! As a flight attendant, the compression socks for travel are a must! Toeless are even better!" @enjoyingtheskies endorsed the idea. 

People were eating these tips up in general, as well as suggesting their own. "EAR PLUGS NEVER FORGET EAR PLUGS!! You’ll thank me later," exclaimed @stefanieramirezg. "Water. Water and more water. You need to hydrate," advised @syellabella02225. Yes, this! That dry, heavily filtered air will practically mummify you- replacing that lost moisture with drinking water will definitely refresh you.

Strategically picking your economy seats can help get you a little extra legroom, too. "I do this flight 3x a year from Florida to Singapore. Premium economy. Or emergency exit. Singapore airlines. Or the last economy seat row," @mgduchess recommended. 

Economy is nobody's first choice if they have the money to afford otherwise. However, affording a business or first-claas ticket is a luxury that not everyone has. By implementing these tips though, we hope that your future international flights in economy are much more comfortable and relaxing.

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