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Cruise Passenger Shares Bizarre Reality of Staying in an Interior Cabin

Many people enjoy going on cruises, but they're not exactly the most budget-friendly ways to travel. Most cruisers want a stateroom with a balcony so they can step out and get some sea breezes without leaving their rooms, but such rooms can be costly, and since they're meant for at least two travelers, solo travelers have to pay double to stay in one.

Many solo and budget travlers opt for windowless interior rooms for cruising on the cheap. However, such rooms have their drawbacks, as TikTok user @theweekendcruiser demonstrates here.

Yeah, we can definitely see how that could get really disorienting. We probably don't actively think much about how much sunlight helps us regulate our internal clocks until we have to do without. Sure, interior cabins are there as a budget option, and you still have the rest of the cruise ship and onshore excursions to enjoy, but staying in a dark, windowless room undermines the enjoyment of sleeping in your cabin.

Many travelers have sworn off interior cabins for this reason. "I could never do interiors. Nope. Balcony or I'm staying home lol," @eo417 stated firmly. "My very first trip years ago (girls' trip) I had an interior room. Very disoriented re: day or time! 25+ cruises later NEVER INTERIOR LOL," said @soulgood1995.

However, there were a few notable exceptions. "I do an interior every year for my NYE/birthday cruise. Best sleep ever!" exclaimed @crystalg53. Alright, we could see this exception making sense- you can enjoy a special cruise on NYE without being awoken by fireworks and partying. Fair enough!

So what do you do if you're desperate to cruise but are limited by your budget, and you hate feeling out-of-sorts in a windowless cabin? Those who still want to cruise on a budget but hate feeling disoriented in their interior cabins discussed the ways they make their trip a bit less disorienting. "Keep the TV on bridge cam," suggested @terbear0606. "You need a projection clock! I always travel with one," advised another user. We believe they're specifically referring to a daylight projection clock, which simulates a sunrise inside a dark room- a perfect compromise for a stay in an interior cabin!

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