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Simple Tip Helps People Score Free Hotel Upgrades All Over the World

For those of us who do a lot of traveling on a budget, we often have to opt for pretty basic rooms. Sure, we'd love to stay in something a little nicer, like a deluxe suite, but the cost add up quick. That is, of course, unless you you have a cheap way to upgrade...

TikTok travel influencer @jeenie.weenie spends a lot of her time... you guessed it, traveling! She shares a brilliant travel hack that can get your some serious upgrades on the cheap when staying at InterContinental Hotels.

A one-time fee of $1500 versus unlimited upgrades for a year for $200- talk about getting bang for your buck! That's a serious travel hack, especially for those who frequently go traveling. We could see this making some world-travelers very very happy. The only downside is that this hack only works for InterContinental Hotels, but since they have them all over the world, there's plenty of locations to get your money's worth.

"IHG ambassador status is the best from all the hotel programs," acclaimed another user. "This is true. I'm working for IHG Reservations," confirmed @mine110892.

Now that people were aware of this hack, they needed the next steps... "And how do I become an ambassador?" @vantaexmoon wanted to know. "You can download the app IHG on Appstore or IOS, sign up and choose to enroll for Ambassador. Or just simply show up at the reception and tell the receptionist what you want," explained @thao_tong28.

Of course, there is one caveat potential ambassadors should be aware of. "Yes and no! Ambassador benefits are guaranteed but you get upgraded to the next room category from what you have booked, not necessarily to a suite!" clarified @stamoulikat. This is an important distinction to make! 

Still, even with that caveat, this program can definitely boost your benefits at InterContinental Hotels all across the world. We may just have to try this out for ourselves!

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