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Inaugural Flight in 'United Polaris Business Class' Is Downright Bougie

It would be incredible to experience something like this.

Most of the time, air travel means flying on planes that have been around for years. Considering the fact that most commercial planes stay in service for decades, your chances of flying on a brand new plane are pretty slim. That's one of the things that makes being on a plane's inaugural flight all the more special. 

And since many of us may never get to experience that, we are living vicariously through @laxtoluxury on TikTok, who recently did enjoy that privilege. She flew on United Polaris' business class' first flight, and we are seriously impressed! 

She really made her flight worth it, since she was there for a long time — that flight from San Francisco to Brisbane, Australia is no joke (we're talking 14 hours straight... yikes!). The experience of being on an inaugural flight certainly wasn't wasted on this travel enthusiast; she admitted in the video that doing something like this has been on her bucket list, and from this footage, it seems like she truly was living her best life.

The fun began before the plane even took off, with a celebration featuring lots of food and drinks in the lounge, and while part of it was private, all passengers were invited to part of the reception at the gate. Once on board, every passenger was greeted by plenty of swag at their seat, from custom themed pajamas to a cute little stuffed koala.

The business class seats themselves are pretty sweet, too, and recline into a full bed with privacy walls all around — ideal for a long overnight flight like this one. Before landing, breakfast was served, and once they deplaned in Brisbane, staff was waiting to welcome them in. 

This looks like such a unique travel experience. We're big time jealous!