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Man Shares the 'Best Part' of an International Flight and People Can Totally Relate

While international travel is so cool and richly rewarding, there's a lot of "hurry up and wait" when it comes to the actual travel aspect: you rush to the airport, only to sit through a 8+ hour flight. What do you do with all that time on your hands?

Thank goodness for those in-flight screens, right? There are other uses for those screens than just vegging out  to an impromptu movie marathon, though. TikTok star @gabesco highlights one of the best parts about taking an international flight!

LOL! It's so simple but true. Anyone who's ever taken an international flight knows it's so hard to keep from checking the flight path screen! It's just weirdly hypnotic to watch the little plane inch its way across the planet.

"I live on that screen on planes. when i’m not on a plane, you bet i’m on plane radar 🥰," agreed @miaaa.130." "I stared at that my entire 6 hour flight, admitted @maariamarmora. "I like to pretend I’m controlling the airplane on the map," shared @tylerbravo05. OK, but for real, if we could get all international airline seats to include a realistic flight simulator game, we'd never be bored on an international flight again.

Of course, getting too sucked into it can trigger some people's anxieties. "My anxiety when I see that i’m halfway in the middle of the ocean 📈📈," fretted @astrokreie. "When they don’t follow the exact route it says they’re supposed to 😰😰😰😰," worried @glutenfreed0nut. See, when you get to that point, that's where you take a break and go back to watching movies/ reading a book for a while... no good in getting nervous on a long-haul trip.

It's weird the types of things we can come together on as fellow travelers- even when it's something as simple and silly as zoning out on a flight map!