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Woman's Reaction to Realizing She Can Chat With People In-Flight Is Going Viral

Anyone who's taken a long flight before knows that it can get pretty boring after a while. Once you've blown through all the movies you want to watch on your in-flight screen, you may find yourself looking through some of the other options there, and may even encounter a few things that surprise you.

At least, that seems to be what happened to TikTok user @brideydrake, who on a recent flight discovered something that surprised her... she could use her in-flight screen to chat with other passengers on board! Watch as she documents her discovery and the shock she gets at the weird cryptic message she receives!

While it was probably designed so that friends and family sitting apart could talk to each other, apparently, there's no limit to who you can hit up! Having the option to chat with other random travelers flying to a shared destination can be really cool, and might even lead to new friendships. On the other hand, it could lead to some creepy interactions. As the recent story of a man who airdropped his nudes to everyone on his flight proves, some people are just creeps!

"Ok but imagine a love story being made of this exact situation 😩" said one user. User @batosy255 was more cautious: "No from me, I've watched the red eye 10 times & talking to a strange passenger didn't go well." Other users focused on other aspects of the video, like the curious dude peeking over her shoulder: "So no one's talking about how there was a guy staring at her" said

Most of the comments, though, were about the strange response she received, although we bet that the math experts reading this had it figured out immediately: "Bro told the first digits of pi" one user pointed out. "You failed the math vibe check" said user @ubububan. LOL!

We might not all be so lucky to receive a piece of "pi" when we fly, but we hope @brideydrake's vacation was a treat... and that she wasn't too freaked out by her discovery!

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