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Video of Incredible 'Secret Immersive Spa' in Milan Is Going Viral

Is this place even for real?

While many people travel the world for adventure, many of us like to relax along the way, too, and that is where spas come in. Being able to experience a little luxury and unplug from our stress at the same time sounds like the ideal way to spend a vacation, after all. If you agree and you're headed to Milan soon, keep reading.

On TikTok, @rachelrrae_'s video about a "secret immersive spa" in Milan is going viral, and now that we've seen it for ourselves, we can understand why. This is amazing! 

According to the video, this spa has more than 10 immersive rooms, and from what we've seen here, they're pretty impressive. One room is like being in a thunderstorm, complete with rain pouring down, thunder, and a giant video screen showing lightning and dark clouds. Another room is dark with several individual beds to relax in, and there's also a huge garden where you can relax if you want to be outside and commune with nature.

The spa is called the QC Termemilano, and along with these immersive rooms, they also have all the typical spa offerings, like massages and treatments as well. They even offer an unlimited pass if you just want to check out all the immersive rooms.

There are a lot of things to do in Milan, but we wouldn't mind spending a day in a fake rainstorm here.