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Travel Expert Shares Flight Hack for Saving Money That's Almost Illegal

Airlines really need to do better if they want to avoid this.

As expensive as flying can be, there are all kinds of tips and tricks out there you can use to lower those costs. Whether it's choosing a budget airline, being flexible about when and on what days you travel, or using credit card points to your advantage, travelers definitely had options. And then, there are the more little known travel hacks that can really save you extra cash.

Case in point: The hidden city hack, which travel expert @covertrip recently talked about in a TikTok video. This can end up saving you hundreds of dollars (if not more) on the cost of a flight, and the hack is so good that it's almost illegal — and might really be someday.

The way it works is pretty simple — and something that most travelers haven't considered before. The example he used in the video was that booking a flight from New York to Orlando might be $250, but a flight on the same day from New York to Dallas with a stop in Orlando is only $150. So to save $100, you'd book the flight to Dallas and then simply get off the plane in Orlando, skipping the flight to Dallas entirely.

That's tricky — but does it actually work? According to the OP, yes, as long as you follow a few important rules. You can't check any bags, because they'd end up in Dallas, not Orlando. You shouldn't use a points account to book, or the airline will void the account, and you should use this hack sparingly, because technically, it violates the contract you have with the airline to complete the full flight you booked with them.

He shared a website,, that helps you find flights like these that can save you money. It makes sense that airlines would hate this, but... if they didn't want people to use a hack like this, why not fix the pricing problem to begin with? 

This might not be a bad hack to try for those brave enough to give it a shot.