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Man's Description of the Ideal 'Beach' Vacation Makes Us LOL

He's totally not wrong!

Taking a trip to the beach is an annual thing for many, and it's easy to see why so many people love it. Just hanging out, sitting by the ocean in the warm sun can be so relaxing. It also offers the opportunity of the rare "do nothing" vacation — the chance to kick back, sleep in, and spend your days with no agenda.

Everyone vacations differently at the beach, though, and if you're someone who likes to explore the city that the beach you're visiting happens to be in while you're in town, this man on TikTok, @silverbackgorrilla, would like to have a word with you. He's sharing his idea of a beach vacation, and he's not wrong.

From his chair on the beach, this man is telling it like it is. "Does anybody else's family have a problem with the meaning of a beach vacation?" he asked. "Meaning you go to the beach on vacation. You don't go play put put. You don't go ride go karts. I don't wanna go to the amusement park. I don't wanna play the little slingshot thing that throws me up in the air." 

Instead, he described sitting on the beach and drinking until nature calls, continuing that cycle until lunch time, and after lunch, it's more of the same. Then, they go get dinner — and his idea of what that looks like is very specific, too.

"I'm coming back to this very spot to drink and repeat until you tell me what place we're going to have seafood at, because we're at the beach," he said. "We are eating seafood. Not steak, not nothing else." 

We like his style — and honestly, what he's describing is an ideal beach vacation. Travelers, take note.