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Hiker Gets a Welcome and Adorable Surprise on a Trail in Iceland

Iceland is renowned worldwide for its unmatched beauty. Its wild volcanoes, rolling green hills, steaming hot springs and gorgeous seascapes make it a place like no other. Many hikers travel to Iceland to climb its unique mountains and cliffs and get a taste of the country's unparalleled natural beauty.

Of course, the beauty of Iceland is not limited to its landscapes alone. TikTok user @miajadetravel expected that the views she witnessed on her hike would be the best part of her Icelandic adventure. In the end, though, she saw something else that stole her heart.

OK- after we stopped cracking up at her choice in audio, we re-watched and... oh man, it's gonna be hard for us to pick what was better, the stunning rainbow or the adorable pup! We don't blame her for choosing the Icelandic sheepdog though: she posted a follow-up showing off the puppy more, and it melted our hearts.

So cute! Sometimes the best parts of a trip are the little things you didn't expect you'd find!

Still curious about where she was on that hike, though? We were too. Luckily, she came through with the answer: "It is Gulfoss! Its quite close to Reykjavik, so it can either be a great day trip from there or part of your ring road adventure! ❤️" "OMG the end of a rainbow ????" said @corruptedcaninecreations, awestruck. "Yes, this waterfall is famous for casting it’s rainbow! It was actually a double rainbow but the camera didn’t pick it up," Mia Jade responded. "So that’s where the rainbow ends," mused @_grace.1836. OK, BRB, adding Gulfoss onto the to-do list for our bucket list trip to Iceland.

Beautiful scenery and adorable sheepdog puppies- it doesn't get any better than that!