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Video of Ice Skater on Frozen Alpine Lake in Colorado Is Breathtaking

As we move into the colder months of the year, temperatures are beginning to drop across the country. With the change in seasons comes winter sports- ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and more. If you're a fan of ice skating in particular, there's one lake in Colorado you've gotta check out.

Lake Haiyaha is a gorgeous glacier lake in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. The lake has frozen over, and Michael and Sarah of the TikTok account @venturing.vestals captures a breathtaking video of an ice skater gliding across the frozen lake.

This is stunning, almost otherworldly. The lake's unique milky appearance comes from the presence of glacier sediment in the water, but its bold color makes it looks like something straight out of the movie Frozen. Normally the milky appearance fades over the fall months, but the lake has frozen over surprisingly early this season! Surrounded by the imposing mountains on all sides, the entire scene is reminiscent of a fairy tale- ice-skating across that frozen lake would be a dream. 

Viewers were entranced by the gorgeous alpine winter wonderland.  "Wow, this is sublime," breathed @zackavin. "I’m so curious since it’s frozen now if it’ll stay that color or change back. I am going to try and make it up before more snow comes," stated @nraymond1334. "I'd die this is sooo beautiful," @it.atoofab breathlessly admired.

Seeing this, some of you may be pacing your ice skates. However, some people were understandably wary about trusting the ice. "Generally don't go on frozen lakes in CO until later in the season though! It can be sketch this early," warned @larsenphotoco. As beautiful as Lake Haiyaha is right now, it's wise to be cautious- especially because this change was so sudden. "I was there like a week or so ago and it wasn't frozen at all! That happened fast!" said an amazed @egraf07.

It's reasonable for some to want to wait just a little longer in the season, and safety should always come first. That being said, the general rule of thumb is: if the ice is at least 4 inches thick, you should be good to go! Just be sure to have someone else along with you, just in case.

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