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Hotel in Ibiza Where Guests Can Sleep in a Glass Box Is Interesting at Best

Looking for a hotel stay that's unique, chic, and... daring? We've got one question for you: how big are you into art? Wait, maybe we should rephrase that... how ok are you with being in art?

If you think that's a weird question, we get it. However, if you stay in the Zero Suite at the Paradiso Art Hotel in Ibiza, Spain, you literally become part of a performance art exhibition. That's because the room is entirely enclosed in glass walls- that's right, zero privacy. The people behind the hotel enthusiasts TikTok account @aprettycoolhoteltour took advantage of their one free stay for one night deal. 

Intriguing! This suite certainly isn't for everybody, but if you're interested by the concept of performance art (or, let's face it, are a bit of an exhibitionist), we could see this being an exciting stay. How did they enjoy their stay in the Zero Suite?

Oh jeez... we would have been sick of those lights right away. That honestly seems like the worst part of this whole experience. "No way 😭😂 I would’ve cried," sympathized one user. Honestly, us too. "Time to whip out a sleeping mask 😂," said @alanna_2106. Hope they remembered to pack theirs!

Some didn't think it would be so bad "It’s like being on a plane and sleeping," said @tiffanietillert. Evidently though, the experience was not comparable, as the video's creator responded: "But I sleep on planes just fine!!! This is a little different 😂 people film us and knock on the glass. And the spotlights don’t help😳." They TAP on the glass? Like you're in a ZOO?? Oh, heck no, that's a deal breaker.

That said, we know it's different strokes for different folks- and heck, it's only for one night. While it comes at the true cost of a peaceful night's sleep, if you want a free stay at a hotel in Ibiza, check out the Paradiso Art Hotel!