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Hotel in Scottsdale Complete With Numerous Pools and a Beach Looks Like a Dream

When asked to describe the climate in Arizona, the two biggest words that come to your mind are likely "hot" and "dry". One Scottsdale, AZ resort, however, is giving its guests tons of ways to beat the heat and splash around!

TikTok user @letthemeatthis introduces us to the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch in this video. This is no ordinary Hyatt, however- rather than having the one generic hotel pool that everyone expects, the grounds of this resort are covered with all kinds of luxurious and unique pools- and even a manmade beach!

This is absolutely luxurious. The aerial shots help convey just how expansive the grounds are! We loved the unique designs of each pool (plus the enticing-looking cocktails)! Everything looks clean, perfectly maintained, and very, very inviting!

Of course, the best way to get a feel for any destination is first-hand testimonials from people who've been there. What did they have to say in the comments?

"I lived 3 minutes away for 17 years. Always had a great time at staycations there. Plenty of golf and shopping nearby." recalled user @justmeinaz1. "Best pool in Scottsdale," recommends @ruthinct. Sounds like this place lives up to the hype!

Of course, the downside to any resort stay is the hefty cost. So, what's the damage for this place? "Not too bad, was around 220 a night plus tax," confirmed @letmeatthis. Wow, that's not bad at all for a resort stay- especially at one this nice! If that's still out of your price range, though, don't worry- you can still enjoy their pools! "Yes they have pool passes. I know my friends did resort pass and got theirs that way," @letmeatthis tells us.

We know how we'll be staying cool if we ever visit Scottsdale. You'll find us at the beach with a cocktail in hand!

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