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Husky Puppies Steal the Show on Southwest Airlines Flight and We Can't Get Enough

Flying can be kind of a grueling experience. By the time you make it onto your flight, you're worn out and overstimulated from fighting through the crowds, making it through security, and waiting on those awkward chairs out in the gate. After shuffling to the seat and stowing any carry-ons, we could all use a little palate cleanser!

Luckily for passengers and attendants on board a recent Southwest Airlines flight, they got a mood reset in the cutest, most wholesome way possible! TikTok user @buhlerbuys captured a glimpse of a flight attendant and passenger showing off two very adorable guests- a pair of husky puppies!

OMG!!! Those puppies are so freakin' cute! We loved how much everyone in the cabin was reacting to the little baby puppies, but how could you not- they were both so adorable! We can't blame her partner for tearing up- we were too!

"I CRIED WHEN THE SECOND ONE POPPED UP," exclaimed @cesaleyhill, echoing the joyful mood in the cabin. "Listen to all the women!! I love it when they see the 2nd baby," said @cksweetone. "The babies are like… what is going on? Why all the tears😂😂😂," joked @anihdz69. LOL, we bet those puppies were just psyched to be getting cuddled!

Flights would be way less stressful if they all came with adorable baby puppies. "Obviously we need ambassador pups on all flights," reasoned @suzappa. OMG, with little pilot hats on- can we make this happen? "Hear me out. Special flights you can book where they have therapy pups available for people with flight anxiety" suggested @simplynelbelle. Honestly, there would probably be way less people afraid of flying if we could implement something like that.

Those puppies weren't there to do a job though- they were going on an adventure with their parent! That said, we love that this flight got a special surprise from them- and we hope to be so lucky on any of our future flights!