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Husband and Wife's Sweet In-Flight Tradition Is Too Cute to Resist

Traveling with your partner has got to be one of the highlights of any relationship. We have seen many couples who have gone viral for their travel hacks that they've discovered together. Some even just share special moments between them that are just too cute to resist.

One such couple shared a video on TikTok on their account, @brittany.xavier. In the clip, the creator and her husband have an adorable flight routine that makes us all feel extremely single. (Cue the tears). This man sets the bar high for all relationships. You have to see this heartwarming tradition for yourself. 

Aww! This husband and wife have a tradition of always syncing up their movies on a flight so that they play at the exact same time. This video has gone extremely viral and has over 9 million views. Some people are recalling their sentimental travel moments, like user @viennaskye, who said, "One time, a stranger asked me to do this, and then we discussed the movie after. It was great haha." How adorable! Glad to know that those of us traveling alone can still experience something so wholesome. 

Yet, some of the commenters are just trying to imagine all the ways this could go wrong. One user, @tiptoper said, "Imagine one of them keeps buffering." The creator of the video replied, "he wouldn’t be able to handle lmao." We can only imagine her husband trying to set up the timing and not giving up, he looked so determined. Still, many people can relate to this couple and giving their own personal stories. Commenter @invasian_ said, "My husband does this too!!! We did this during COVID when we were quarantined away from each other, too 🥺". How sweet! This hack can work for so many more situations other than travel.

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