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Woman's Joke About Her Husband Unpacking Immediately After a Trip Totally Hits Home

When you come home from a long journey, what kind of a person are you? Are you the type that immediately starts unpacking and gets everything squared away? Or you flop down on the bed and put off unpacking until tomorrow...a week...two weeks... a month...whenever?

When it comes to unpacking after a trip, there's two types of people in this world: the doers and the procrastinators. When a couple is made of these two opposites, things can get interesting, as this video by TikTok user @alexandramadison_ demonstrates:

LOL. This scenario is sooo relatable, especially for the procrastinators! She perfectly captured that weird, almost peer pressure-y feeling you get when the other person starts unpacking ("Should I be doing that too? Are they gonna think it's weird if I don't?") Maybe we should get the same video from the opposite perspective and hear his take!

Needless to say, many others related to this video, too. "3 to 4 business days? Mine is 5-7 business days maybe two weeks 😂😂😂😂😂" replied @sylvester_danielle_. "Mine does that...WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?????????" said @jennagx6.

A few commenters found a flaw with the unpacking technique, though: "Put it away ❌ throw everything in the laundry ✅" commented @bridgy67. Oh, good point- the only thing you should be bringing back from your vacation are souvenirs, not some novel virus! "So much truth. And then I have to burn the bedding bc he put a dirty suitcase on the bed," added @theholdernessfamily. Now THAT we can relate to- with covid and monkeypox out there, we're spraying all our luggage with Lysol as soon as it's in the door!

Personally, we think that as long as all your luggage gets home safe, you've done the most important part- you can tackle the unpacking after a recovery day or four. But yeah- it might not be a bad idea to send those clothes through a spin in the washer one time before they return to your drawers.