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Wife Shocked by Husband’s Bold In-Flight Move Toward the Passenger Seated in Their Row

Whenever you board a flight, you roll the dice as far as who you’re sitting next to. Unless you’re traveling in a party of three, odds are good that you’ll be seated with a stranger in the same row. Sometimes, you luck out, and that person is quiet and sleeps the whole flight. Other times, you might strike up a conversation, which can be good or bad, depending on the day. But on a recent flight to Florida, one woman was totally shocked by the way her husband interacted with the woman sitting next to them on the aisle.

She shared a video of her husband’s bold move on her TikTok channel, @shepherdplayspiano. In the hashtags on the clip, she admits, “I can’t believe he did that.” Captioned with “She didn’t seem to mind,” the video has over 1.7 million views, and it’s easy to see why. 

LOL! Unless he’d been chatting with this woman for the entire flight in addition to watching her iPad, that was a pretty brave move! Fingers crossed he knew what he was doing in terms of that puzzle game. People on TikTok are getting quite a kick out of this guy. @Zaybu_Neesa said, “It’s no longer her puzzle, it’s their puzzle 😂.” Another fan of the video, @jesse joked, “I can’t imagine the amount of self control he used before reaching out 😅 cute 🥰.” One user, @amyhayden1x, really summed things up best, saying, “This is something you’ll remember together and smile. I hope the lady whose game it was also sits and smiles about this memory too. It’s nice to see.” 

She has a great point. Given just how many people are getting into conflicts and being kicked off flights these days, it’s nice to see two individuals getting along famously. If only we were all so lucky on every flight, we’d be a bunch of happy travelers!

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