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Wife’s Joke About Her Husband’s Reaction to Their European Trip Is Just Priceless

A trip to Europe during the summer is an amazing experience, and so many people from the States are heading across the pond for a much-needed vacation. Between the picturesque towns and villages, beautiful coastlines, decadent food, and a slower pace of life, it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone has the country on their bucket list. However, sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @havanattan, we see a woman compare what a typical European vacation looks like versus how her husband is reacting to their trip. Just wait until you get a load of this poor dude.

OMG. He looked like he was about to melt in each and every scenario! Truth be told, the sun over there is no joke. People are cracking up over his inability to beat the heat. User @MladoosLady said “He is wearing boots and pants? No wonder he’s hot 🥵.” HA! Very true. Some are even coming for his choice of umbrella, like user @im.pearling who said “he should at least get a white umbrella, the black one absorbs more heat…” If only he knew.

Then there are other TikTok users who are giving their best tips to fight the European heat so you don’t end up like this guy. One commenter, @historietter said, “Linen shorts, a white umbrella, a hand fan, and more iced drinks, plus a siesta and walking slowly. Only way to survive.” Noted! Hopefully, now he knows to be more prepared for his next trip. Or perhaps he should consider visiting Europe during the winter months instead?

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