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Hurricane Crashes Woman's San Diego Bachelorette Party and Her Response Is Epic

We are so here for this video.

Getting married is a big deal, and so are all the events that come before the wedding. There are bridal showers to plan, and of course, a bachelorette party — but sometimes, no matter how well we plan an important day in our lives, things can go terribly wrong that are totally out of our control... like the weather.

Fortunately, one bride who was recently affected by some seriously bad rain didn't let it spoil her party. As @tabithalipkin shared on TikTok, a "once in a century" hurricane happened while she was supposed to be celebrating with friends in San Diego, but instead of canceling her get together, she decided to make the best of it in the most hilarious way. 

Set to the song "Careless Whisper," the video features the bride sitting out by the pool in the pouring rain, white dress and all, drinking red wine while she lets it spill all over her.

It seems clear that she and her friends had planned to soak up the sun by that gorgeous pool, but missed their chance — at least she ended up creating a video that went viral instead? 

People commiserated with her on in the comments, because we all know what it's like to have a big day not happen quite like we planned.

"It’s humid and a torrential downpour!!!! So miserable here but sorry you traveled for it!" one person wrote.

Fortunately, it seems like she still managed to have fun, and the wine didn't go to waste. Hopefully her wedding day will be sunny and bright?